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A four-month online program for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their marketing and increase their impact.

Streamline your branding, marketing and PR efforts

Get 1:1 help for four months

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Are you tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

Do you get overwhelmed trying to streamline your branding, marketing, and public relations efforts and need a more efficient way of figuring out what will actually move the needle for YOUR business?

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, not sure if you’re focusing your time, energy, and resources on the right things to increase your reach, create the impact (and income) you want to make?

Do you get frustrated because Instagram’s algorithm changes daily, and there’s always a new feature or update you don’t have time to learn? Or maybe you don’t know where to start with marketing but realize it’s time you learn how! You could also be feeling like you’re deserving of press but don’t know how to get the right eyes on your business.

Letter from Creative Label’s Founders, Aisha and Des

Can we start by recognizing you for making it this far?  👏🏼  The fact that you’re here means you’re in the right place. Social media is hard. Marketing is hard. Public relations is hard. But the truth is, you need to know how efficiently applying all three to your business moves the needle. 👊🏽  This is why we created CLU. We want to break it down and make it easy for you! ⚡️

We know you’re already making a big impact, but you’re ready to streamline your marketing efforts to create an even higher income to match.

The only problem is, you’re feeling the tension between having disjointed or even reactive marketing. Nothing is streamlined. You settle for less because you don’t have time to do it your best.

The truth is you’ve likely felt like this for a while now.

You scrolled for hours on social media 📱 only to see others who seem to have all of their branding, marketing, and public relations efforts on point 😢. Maybe they started a business at the same time you did, and you feel as if all of their digital media efforts come much easier to them, and deep down, you can’t help but feel like you’re supposed to be one of them. 🙌🏽 You want to level up, learn from experts, and surround yourself with serious go-getters who you can learn from and collaborate with, but the fear and self-doubt have made you question if you’re “ready” to invest in yourself and your business.

One thing is for sure. You know that you can’t scale if you continue doing it without intention and strategy–much less by yourself.

We can at least acknowledge one thing. 👆🏼 You’ve done a pretty great job figuring things out on your own up to this point, 👏🏽 but you’re going to need support if you want to take it to the next level. ⬆️ You need someone to help you create a growth strategy tailored to your business and an accountability structure to make sure you act on it. 👯‍♀️

Here is what we’ve learned, branding, marketing, and public relations must all work together if you want to move the needle for your business. Being great at one and not the other is not enough. We’ve also learned that working with experts to not only breakdown complex concepts into digestible information that you can apply to–and is tailored to–your business is what will change everything for your business and life too. ✨✨✨

The Details

  • Brand audit
  • Four 1-on-1 strategy calls, one each month, with Aisha & Des to create a growth strategy custom-tailored to your business
  • Two monthly group Zoom calls.
    • Call 1: LIVE video training, where you get the step-by-step game plan to take your brand to the next level.
    • Call 2: LIVE guided Q & A to answer any questions that come up when applying what you’ve learned.
  • December, January, February, and March
  • Slack office hours so you never get stopped by lingering questions that pop up
  • Accountability groups and a private Facebook community for ongoing feedback, ideas, and support

What will I learn?

You already have goals for your business, and we’re going to help you design a clear plan to surpass them with clear, streamlined branding and marketing that works. To do that, we’ll focus on a few main themes throughout the four months:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations

Beyond that, topics will be tailored entirely to the needs of the group and could include:

  • Branding and making sure that you’re visuals are appealing to your target audience
  • Content creation strategies and how to create content that stands out
  • Social media strategy and how to be efficient and effective with it
  • How to create a community and turn your audience into customers
  • How to grow and nurture an email list
  • How to be recognized as a thought leader in your industry
  • How to pitch yourself to press
  • What your business needs to know to maximize your public relations efforts

It’s time to streamline your marketing and accelerate your impact

1. Enroll in Creative Label University

2. Streamline your branding, marketing and public relations efforts

3. Accelerate your impact and income

What makes Creative Label University so special?

Throughout these four months, you’ll have support from a team of experts dedicated to you.

  • Get a granular audit on your brand.
  • Get instant feedback in your 1:1 calls.
  • Finally feel confident about your branding, marketing and public relations plan.
  • Start showing up different.

2020 has been CRAY!

Why not have two experts holding your hand while setting you up on a clear path for growth for 2021.

Creative Label University is limited to 15 maybeeeee 20 SPOTS.

One Time investment- $4,995

Pay 3 installments – $1,832/mo

I’m 90% sure this is for me, but I have a few questions.

We’ve got you! Schedule a 15-minute call HERE.


Always check with your tax adviser, but in most cases, YES! The investment in business consulting and travel is likely tax-deductible for you.

When you enroll, commit to being on all of the LIVE training sessions, ask questions when you get stuck, listen to and apply feedback, and do the work, you will see results. However, if you hop in and after the second session, you decide that this isn’t your jam, we will give you back your Creative Label University investment.

Yes, all Creative Label University students will have access to the replay of both the monthly calls and your 1:1 session.  You will receive an email with the link to view at the email address you used to register. That email will arrive 48 hours after the completion of the call.

If you’re 90% sure this is for you but have a few lingering questions, book a 15-minute call HERE!

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