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Learn more about Aisha and Des, founders of Creative Label, and why they should be chosen as one of Forbes top 30 in the marketing and advertising category.

Together they founded Creative Label, a marketing agency that helps business owners frustrated by wasting time and money working with different creative agencies to execute their overall marketing initiatives. Creative Label helps you develop, implement, and execute your entire strategy, so you can save money and watch your brand grow with streamlined marketing that works.

Aisha Marshall

As the co-founder of digital consulting agency Creative Label, Aisha Marshall’s passion is to help people live their purpose and thrive in business through strategic creativity and branding. She serves as Creative Label’s Vice President of content and brand strategy, where she spearheads the creative development and digital media strategy for businesses across a variety of industries, including fashion, retail, and personal development. Since founding Creative Label in 2016, Aisha has more than quadrupled the agency’s staff and doubled its clientele. During this time, she has helped her clients expand their businesses and elevate their purposes, altogether impacting millions of people. In line with her work, Aisha is passionate about educating businesses on industry trends, providing thought leadership about digital strategy and branding on numerous platforms including Create Cultivate, CBS’ “Face the Truth,” “CTV Morning Live” as well as podcasts such as Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy podcast and Creative Label’s own The Label podcast, where she serves as co-host. Prior to founding Creative Label, Aisha graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, followed by a law degree from ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.


Des Dickerson

With a passion for production and elevating brands, Des Dickerson is the co-founder and vice president of public relations and digital marketing at Creative Label, a digital consulting agency. Des studied journalism and mass communication at Arizona State University, and she began her career in TV production, working in casting and producing roles for the “Dr. Phil” show, HGTV, Lifetime and YouTube TV. Upon founding Creative Label in 2016, Des transitioned her production skills into the digital space, where she specializes in digital audience acquisition, including social media strategy, influencer marketing, and public relations. Leading Creative Label’s team, Des helps the agency’s clients maximize their viewership and increase their brand credibility through strategic storytelling and strategic partnerships that achieve results. Notably, Des has fostered key collaborations with Essence, Forbes, PopSugar and Refinery29, among others, providing her clients the opportunity to expand their reach and generate revenue. Des’ expertise has led her to educate and inspire other entrepreneurs and businesses about digital trends and branding best practices. She is the co-host of Creative Label’s The Label podcast and has been featured on Create Cultivate, “CTV Morning Live,” and Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy podcast.


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