Public Relations

Get Yourself Seen!

We get it! It’s time to make sure you or your business is being seen by the rest of the world. We are all about getting you seen by the most well known digital platforms.  Here are the public relations services we provide: ​

Public Relations Retainer

  • Strategy and campaign development
  • 25 hours of pitching and coordination per month
  • Pitch progress tracker
  • Quarterly progress report
  • Press kit
  • Management of press bookings
  • Crisis management

A La Carte Items


One Sheet

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Consolidating all keynote press
  • Social analysis
  • Design – one page
  • 3 rounds of revisions

Press kit

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Consolidating all keynote press
  • Social Analysis
  • Design: up to 6 pages
  • 3 rounds of revisions

Pitch deck

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Consolidating all keynote press
  • Social analysis
  • Design


Blue Jean Babes

Pop up location - Bloomingdale's, New York Objective - Create relationship with Bloomingdale's clientele by offering customizations to denim on Bloomingdale's biggest denim sale of the year.

Nearly Newlywed Expands to Become the Cool Bride’s ‘Amazon of Weddings’ – Fashionista

Publication - Fashionista, Digital Magazine Objective - Brand expansion of House of Catherine merchandise into Nearly Newlywed's digital storefront.

The CEO of Nearly Newlywed dishes on Shark Tank + that time her LO puked on a plane.

Publication - The Dopple Objective - Influencer marketing campaign for House of Catherine apparel, targeting mothers.

Modern Chic Wedding Inspiration With a 70s Spin

Publication - Wedding Chicks, Digital Publication Objective - Published styled shoot for House of Catherine

Acrilicalafresca Clothing Line Campaign

AISLE PERFECT, WEDDING PUBLICATION Trend Alert! Denim and Leather wedding jackets that are simply badass!

Frugal Athlete X FORBES

FORBES, MAGAZINE How One MLS Player Created A Transformational Website That Could Save Athletes From Going Broke

Cedric X Dad Tired

DAD TIRED, PODCAST Host, Jerrad Lopes and Cedric as they discuss faith, football, and fatherhood.

This Trainer Is Known For Transforming Butts — Here’s the Exact Workout He Uses

POPSUGAR, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLINE PUBLICATION Celebrity trainer Ryan Read has helped numerous women become stronger and transform their butts with his popular booty workouts.

The Back End

SCOTTSDALE HEALTH, PRINT FITNESS MAGAZINE Trainer Ryan Read shows women how to achieve the perfect tush.

Ryan Read Says Doing This Style of Cardio Will Sculpt and Tone Your Booty

POPSUGAR, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLINE PUBLICATION An opinion piece on, celebrity trainer, Ryan Read's authoritative voice on sculpting women's glutes.

Allison Made This 1 Tweak to Her Diet, and It Completely Transformed Her Butt

POPSUGAR, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLINE PUBLICATION Organic coverage for celebrity trainer, Ryan Read

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