5 Design Issues Resolved In Your Content Marketing

Design is often an underestimated element that belongs to a strong strategy. You can have what looks like the best marketing plan on paper but if your visual branding isn’t on par, nobody will be doing any double taking, clicking through, or purchasing…

Does Clickbait Really Work?

To clickbait or not to clickbait? Does it increase engagement? Does it lose brand trust? These are the questions many marketers and business owners are pondering. Look no further, we are sharing with you three ways to incorporate clickbait while maintaining…

YouTube + Monetization

YouTube Makes Serious Changes to Monetization Eligibility YouTube has made a new announcement, and it's terrifying for small content creators. This week, YouTube released a statement regarding changes to their guidelines for monetization.…

The Fundamentals of Brand Design

Truth is, business is as much about perception as it is about reality. In this age of technology and social media, we have more opportunity than ever to take control of our brand perception. We’ve all experienced the power of branding, now it’s time…

Attract your Dream Client

We all have that one girlfriend who is always complaining about the types of guys that she attracts-- and the complaints are usually warranted--rude, shallow, dumb, cheap--you name it. Let’s just say they aren’t hubby material. Albert Einstein…

Social Media in Kanye’s World

Last week Kanye posted to Instagram, parental advisory, “There are people who are committing suicide due to not getting enough likes. Seeking validation in the simulation. We need a live-streamed meeting with Jack Dorsey [founder and CEO of Twitter],…

3 Things to Look for When Partnering with an Influencer

So your business is interested in partnering with an influencer! You've seen brands who do it, you believe that it can be a powerful tool, but when you start looking into applying the strategy to your own business, things start getting complicated. We…

IGTV is Here!

This week Instagram rolled out it’s brand new IGTV platform and, needless to say, we are excited about it! Similar to YouTube, IGTV hosts long form videos up to an hour in length. This new capability provides a unique opportunity to reach your followers…

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