Social Media Report Card: What’s Your Grade?

Why Your Follower Count Doesn't Matter Hey there! We are so happy to have you back for more of our Social Media Buzz. If it’s your first time here, welcome. We’re happy to have you too! Before you start reading . . . STOP and download our Social…

Paid Partnership Tag

Instagram Tests New Paid Partnership Tag. Instagram is testing a new feature, the "Paid partnership with" tag. But before we break it all down for you . . . A little background is helpful: Instagram is the one socia l media platform that never fails…

Instagram Update: Polling Feature

Instagram adds a poll feature to their stories. Surprise! Last week Instagram rolled out a new feature for Instagram Stories and. . .it's really cool. The social media platform has added a polling option for their 800 million users to try. As content…

We’re Headed to NYC!

Bridal Fashion Week Is a Big Deal And We're Going! Start spreading the news, I'm coming to stay. I want to be apart of it, New York. New York. The Frank Sinatra intro is absolutely necessary, because we're going to New York. Obvi. Now back to why…

The FTC Won’t Let Me Be

Everything You Need To Know About Paid Partnerships On The Internet You've seen it before, it's an aesthetically pleasing photo or video, with great product placement, posted by an Instagram user with high engagement, followed by a caption with the…

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