Sean “Diddy” Combs vs. Missguided

Calling all Labelers! 📣  On this week's podcast, we're giving the scoop on the lawsuit between P Diddy and Missguided and why it's SO important to never use another’s name or likeness without written consent or approval.     Sean…

IG Lives Just Got Bigger and Better!

  Hey Labelers! 💗   Instagram just announced some big news for its platform, and I think every user is sending a huge, virtual THANK YOU! 😌  One-guest IG Lives will soon be a thing of the past as Instagram launches a new…

Let’s Talk 2021 Social Media Trends

  Attention avid social media users! 2021 has already been a wild year so far. These new updates from Instagram, Pinterest, and Clubhouse, will change the way we use these platforms.   Instagram Reels v. TikTok   After the…

5 Tips For Scaling Your Business With Reels

Hey, #Labelers! Allow us to introduce ourselves- we’re Homemade Social, a boutique social media marketing agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly looking for new ways to scale your biz and remain a powerful…

Our Favorite Disappearing Act is BACK in the Spotlight!

Calling all Snapchat lovers! Snapchat launched a new feature called ‘Spotlight’, and YOU can get paid while using it! I bet you’re wondering, what is this new feature all about? Snapchat is encouraging users to post 60-second videos to show…

What Stories Teach Us about Social Media

The power of vertical storytelling Hey Labelers! Today, we’ll be discussing the one universal format across all social media platforms: stories. If you’re an avid social media user, you probably have multiple social media accounts, ranging…

How to Monetize Your Business

Haven’t you heard? Having multiple ways to monetize your brand is very important! Especially in times like this, you should be using all your platforms available to you! Having multiple forms of income is always a plus, and with many platforms out…
Whats your sign

What’s Your Sign? How labels can create a community within your following!

In the year 2020, we can all probably agree that one thing everyone is lacking is connection. Having been in a Pandemic for the last ten months, the feeling of isolation and loneliness is bound to creep in. So how can companies battle this void and…

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