What Stories Teach Us about Social Media

The power of vertical storytelling Hey Labelers! Today, we’ll be discussing the one universal format across all social media platforms: stories. If you’re an avid social media user, you probably have multiple social media accounts, ranging…

How to Monetize Your Business

Haven’t you heard? Having multiple ways to monetize your brand is very important! Especially in times like this, you should be using all your platforms available to you! Having multiple forms of income is always a plus, and with many platforms out…
Whats your sign

What’s Your Sign? How labels can create a community within your following!

In the year 2020, we can all probably agree that one thing everyone is lacking is connection. Having been in a Pandemic for the last ten months, the feeling of isolation and loneliness is bound to creep in. So how can companies battle this void and…

3 Steps to Create a Mood Board

Follow these simple guidelines to create inspiring mood boards for your next design project! For all you daydreaming Labelers out there who spend hours on Pinterest looking for design inspiration for your next product or brand launch, get your mood…

How Apple Plans to Take Down Social Media

Apple’s IOS14 double-edged sword Hey Labelers! We wanted to share the newest update of Apple’s IOS14 and how this update will impact huge social media corporations. In the past, Apple has committed to curbing phone addiction by encouraging limiting…

YouTube Is Shifting And Now Allows You To Shop Directly On The Video Platform.

Will YouTube Be The New Place To Online Shop? You heard that right! YouTube is working on a new eCommerce feature that enables creators to tag products displayed throughout their video! Viewers can simply tap on any product in a clip to see more information.  “The…

Ten Graphic Design Rules to NEVER Break

2020’s got us all down, so it’s no surprise that you might feel a lack of drive or inspiration in your creativity! And that's okay, girl! 💁‍♀️ These ten tips for all things graphic design are the best of the best and guide you in the…
IGTV Captioning

Grow Your Reach Through New IGTV Captioning

Four Reasons Why You Should Be Adding IGTV Captioning to Your Social Media Marketing Videos Last week Facebook announced that they have now changed their accessibility on IGTV to offer automatic captions. We have seen a significant increase in…

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