Why Does the Data Behind Influencer Marketing Matter?

Hey Labelers! Have you ever wondered about the decision-making process that brands go through to find the perfect influencers? Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective strategies for brands to drive their message to a broader market…

Whew! The Clock is TikTocking, Let’s Roll in the Reels

Recently, a judge blocked the immediate ban on TikTok, but the ban may still be up for discussion come November. So how should you prepare?    INSTAGRAM REELS!   Do you hate it or love it? We say, learn to love it if you don’t already! As…

Marketing to Gen Z

Gen Z isn’t just all kids. This demographic includes the people who are currently in their early to mid-twenties. Don’t underestimate this generation- they have massive power over trends and have used it this year to cancel celebrities, bring awareness…

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Slow the rush for self-improvement

  Hey Labelers, with September being #suicidepreventionmonth we wanted to bring some light to mental health. With the global pandemic forcing us to quarantine and get comfortable with our inner selves, there has been more opportunity for self-improvement…

“Alexa, Open TikTok”

TikTok and Amazon collaborate to launch a new Alexa skill.      You read that right, there’s a new partnership in town! Amazon and TikTok came together to enable Amazon’s Echo device to work alongside TikTok with certain…

Google Me, But Wait! Delete Unwanted Information Before Launching

Hey Labelers, we know you’re excited to launch your new brand, so are we! But we must ask when was the last time you googled yourself? What do people see when they search for you and your business? Is it good or is it bad? Either way, we are going…

Surviving Cancel Culture: Avoid getting #canceled

  Cancel culture has never been as aggressive as it is in 2020. It seems like every other post on twitter is another celebrity, influencer, or company getting #canceled over one issue or another.  If celebrities like Nick Cannon, Kanye, and…

Facebook Take Over: How the company is trying to shut out its competitors

Hey labelers, today we’ll be talking all about one of the four big tech giants; Facebook. If you hadn’t heard, the CEOs of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook were all part of a five-hour hearing at the House of Judiciary Committee in the US. Why…

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